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Tonight was the night of the lunar eclipse and of The Candlelight Vigil for Lawrence King in West Hollywood.  I saw the one while I participated in the other.  I saw many friends at the vigil, too, which was nice.  I don't know what the official attendance count was, but it was a good turnout in what for LA is very bad weather, which is to say overcast and below seventy degrees.  I hope it gave Lawrence's family and friends some solace and that it's a catalyst for the work ahead.

Rest in peace Lawrence King, b. 1992, d. 2008.

This being Hollywood, an industry mixer was also happening tonight at The Standard on the Sunset Strip, so I stopped in after the vigil.  It's unbelievable to me that I've never been there before.  I know practically everybody in town -- who are the people I know who go to The Standard?  Well, I know who one of them is, since she's the one who invited me to this event, and now I'm on the mailing list and have a reason to go there at least once a month.

Didn't know anybody else there, though, and, after an evening spent contemplating the heavens and the earth, the mixer itself was a little anti-climactic and I left early.  Just not the right night for it.  And there's always next month.

Tags: rip lawrence king, the standard, vigil
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