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baby dee at the echo this sunday

Baby Dee is an old friend of Roy's and mine from back in our Coney Island Sideshow and studio a la koo koo days of our well-spent youth in NYC.  We first met her when she performed as the half-man/half-woman at Sideshows by the Seashore, then we hired her to play concert harp as a pre-show in the lobby for our performance of The 1996 studio a la koo koo Christmas Carnival.   In between, we caught her show as a lap-dancing accordionist at the Pyramid Club with The Bindlestiff Family Circus.  Among her many accomplishments since then, she was noted by The New York Times for touring Ground Zero in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, entertaining the clean-up crews during their grim duties by playing her harp and accordion from aboard her customized tricycle.

Everyone on the face of the planet must experience Dee.  She is what life is all about.  I hope you can join us this Sunday night to enjoy her show at The Echo.  Feel free to invite everyone you've ever cared about to be there and prepare to be entertained.  The below is from Harp Magazine:

With all due respect to Frank Sinatra, if anyone has the right to sing “My Way,” it’s Baby Dee. She’s been a church organist and a go-go dancer, a circus performer and an acclaimed avant-garde harpist—and probably pulled stints as a pauper and poet along the way. The wacky, whip-smart fifty-something singer—who has worked extensively with Current 93 mastermind David Tibet—has released a passel of low-key albums in the past, but stands to reach her widest audience to date with a new Drag City release, the wondrous Safe Inside the Day. 

The below is from The Seattle Times:

Bowing to her request, the conversation steers clear of such potentially boring topics as her days as a harp-playing bear in Central Park and Paris; a tricycle-riding accordion-playing cat; a Catholic Church organist; a "bilateral hermaphrodite" at a Coney Island sideshow; and a Kamikaze Freakshow performer who lay on broken glass while concrete slabs were broken over her head with a sledgehammer.

And, finally, the concert listing from The LA Times:
1822 Sunset Blvd., Echo Park

Times rating:

Now that she's gracing the concert stage, Baby Dee doesn't offer quite the startling image she did when busking in a bear costume in Central Park, playing her harp. But this gutter angel never stops with the surprises. Her frank, often more than bawdy lyrics are set to dance hall melodies that often glimmer with grace; her singing style is conversational, like that of a guest at an elegant dinner party whispering dirty jokes in your ear. Incidentally, she's a transsexual. No wonder she's attracted many of indie music's prime outsiders, from Will Oldham to Antony to David Tibet, as collaborators. (A.P.)

Sunday, February 17: 6 p.m.

Price: $10

Box office: 213-413-8200 
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