November 5th, 2008


the morning after: you know we haven't lost yet, right?

Not ecstatic.

But after reading all the Prop 8 eulogies on LJ this morning, I have to ask: have any of you turned on a television? Because mine is telling me that the vote is too close to call.

Shouldn't we wait to mourn until after we actually lost?

Why are so many suffering from  what apparently is the final gasp of SODSS (Sudden Onset Democratic Surrender Syndrome) for the 2008 election?

I may not be ecstatic, but I'm waiting until the damn election is over before I get upset about the result.

okay, now you can be upset

Prop 8 passed by 400,000 votes.

That's inexcusable. But it doesn't mean the entire state of California failed us.

Our media campaign was nearly non-existent for all but the last three weeks of this election. The people making all the decisions for No on Prop 8's direction for all but the last three weeks of the campaign failed the state of California.

That we came so close in the face of overwhelming opposition to which we had almost no response until it was too late is amazing.  It's sad, it's inept, and it's infuriating, but it's amazing.

Imagine by how much we could have won this if we had actually spent all summer fighting against it in the media?

So don't blame California.  They did the best they could with the information they got.  Don't blame the people working the campaign, because they gave everything they had.  Don't blame the people who donated, because they gave when they were finally asked to give.  Don't blame the Mormons, because they ran the better campaign and those are the campaigns that win.

Blame the system that allows civil rights to be put up to a majority vote by anyone with enough money to sponsor a ballot initiative and blame the people who ran No on Prop 8 into the ground from a 19 point lead to a 7 point loss before they were finally replaced with people who knew what they were doing.

Our state was there.  Our community was there.  It was our leadership who failed us when it counted.

permission to be upset is again denied

I just found out that there are between 3 and 4 million provisional and absentee ballots left to be counted in the state of California.

I know one person who voted absentee and one person who voted provisional.  Both voted against Prop 8.  I'm guessing they're not the only ones.

The election may have been called for it today, but the reality is that Prop 8 is still in play.