November 4th, 2008


election day

After weeks of the worst allergy season yet, I wake up early to go to the polls as close to their opening as possible with a headache that first started yesterday.

I cannot wait for this election to be over.  I cannot imagine how I'll feel if either of the two things I care about the most don't turn out the way they have to in order for their to be any immediate hope for this country.  I can imagine how I'll feel if both do, however!

So it's voting, work, then the LAGLC party at The Music Box @ Fonda, and then it's done.  This is the most participatory I've ever been -- or that most people I've known have ever been -- in any election, and I'll miss that.  Thanks to [info]bobaloo for all his incredible hard work and I'm proud of you[info]pat_pending for all of yours.

In the words of Maureen McGovern, "There's got to be a morning after".

Here's hoping ours brings a better California and a better United States of America.


election day update

My polling place was the usual elementary school where it is almost every election day. Every time I go there to vote, which is always before work, it's empty. This last primary, there was maybe half a dozen people.

This morning, there were hundreds of people and the wait was an hour. In the middle of Hollywood with the vast majority of the people undoubtedly voting almost identically. Hang in there, people in swing states!

While I was waiting in line, I saw and later chatted with the tall, young, chubby security guard from my studio who moonlights as a bikini-bottomed go-go dancer for the monthly bear night at the Hollywood non-scene bar, Faultline. I was doing my drowned-rat impersonation, having misjudged the humidity and neglecting to dry my hair before leaving the apartment (which means it was never going to dry on its own), so I was a little embarrassed to see anybody I knew. I needn't have worried, though, as it seems his excitement at seeing me was to have the chance to ask me to set him up with a friend of mine.

I'd say I'm always a bridesmaid, but I guess I'll have to wait until later tonight to see if California (and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah) has decided if I get to have even that much of a right.

But that's why I love Hollywood: our participatory democracy comes complete with college-aged go-go dancing security guards.
cool, pats

oh why not?

Election day meme:
1. Stop talking about politics for a moment or two.
2. Post a reasonably-sized picture in your LJ, NOT under a cut tag, of something pleasant, such as an adorable kitten, or a fluffy white cloud, or a bottle of booze. Something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.
3. Include these instructions, and share the love.


election update: random thoughts

Just got back from the party at The Music Box @ Fonda:

Wow, do I love The Music Box! Gorgeous Coney Island-esque motif with the interior design, fantastic rooftop patio, smart balcony. Will look for reasons to go there in the future. Great crowd with which to watch the election coverage, among old friends and new. Had a great deal of fun.

McCain's concession speech:

If that had been the John McCain that Barack Obama was running against all along, it would have actually been a race. How stupid was he to sell his soul to his Republican owners?

The Governor from Nowhere who would be President Sarah Palin:

She was utterly destroyed before she walked out on that stage. Every single inch of her, as she fought back tears of utter humiliation, was screaming that she knew that everybody blamed her for losing it and she knew that they were right and she knew that no amount of time will make anybody forget that she is the biggest joke in American politics EVER. She not only cost them this election single-handedly, but she watched as her own popularity plummeted in Alaska and she faces a seemingly endless series of investigations and trials as she returns back to a home that is almost completely ashamed of her.

Prop 8:

Still too early to call, but I expect to wake up tomorrow to the final word. If the news isn't good, one way I have to think of it is that tonight we did get Obama. If we could only get one or the other, would we rather have hope for the future and marriage equality later, or marriage equality now in a country that was damned to hell? If we get both -- well, wouldn't that be nice? But even if/when we do, the bigots will still be back at us year after year. But the bigots just got a big ol' America-sized slap in their face tonight, so their days are numbered, no matter what.

Obama's acceptance speech:

Can we change the course of this country together by overcoming the Republican election fraud machine with our numbers? Yes we can.

I haven't felt this good in eight long years. I know that Cheney and Bush still have some time to destroy this country. I'm hoping that completely looting the Treasury was enough. Time will tell. And I know Obama isn't perfect -- he wasn't even my third choice for President, though I came to see he was the best candidate for the job -- but he isn't evil incarnate, either.  So tonight, I'm happy.

I still wouldn't argue with waking up ecstatic tomorrow, though!